Program for accounting and evaluation of telephone PBAX calls. It enables calls nad PABX traffic analyzing under various filter criterions. Right calls analyzing can lead to traffic cost optimalization.

    WINKAB program can be used to manage data describing telecommunication (or other) cable network. Program database comprises the complete cable way from its beginning in a telephone exchange through cables to a phone plug or patch pannel.

    WINACD program is designed for data processing of automatic call distribution centre data. It can process and statistically evaluate ACD centre output data.

    O2 detailed elektronic account evaluation program WINPEU is designed to statistically evaluate and analyze call records in the cellular network O2 Telefonica.


Our most important software product is WINTEL – PABX telephone traffic evaluation program. Further main products are: WINKAB – Local Cable network CAD program, WINACD – Automatic Call Distribution evaluation program, WINPDU – EuroTel Detailed Electronic Account service evaluation program.

WINTEL – PABX telephone traffic

WINTEL program can be used to control and statistically evaluate telephone traffic on the subsidiary telephone exchanges (PABX). The user of the program obtains all the necessary data about the telephone traffic going through the exchange. In outgoing calls, he will know who telephoned where when and at what cost. In incoming calls the user will learn who telephoned when at what time and how long and if the incoming telephone call includes identification information of the caller, this will be also at the user‘ s disposal


Areas of usage

The program is designed for all the users of the subsidiary telephone exchanges who need to have a detailed overview of the ongoing telephone expenses. The user can use the program to issue bills and/or text documentation to hirers, as well as individual employees, for instance for their private calls. The option of processing incoming calls makes it possible to follow the level of incoming traffic, for instance at the operator, at the dialing servicing centres, etc. In conjunction with the information on outgoing calls it is then possible to evaluate the overall load of the exchange, broken down according to a time sequence.

WINTEL basic features

  • call fee calculation for selected extensions, state lines, account codes, authorisation codes, access numbers
  • PABX traffic statistics: incoming calls analysis, PABX traffic analysis, WINTEL self diagnostics, extreme calls statistics (most often called numbers, busiest day, busiest hour, most costly calls),analysis of incoming calls (ACD)
  • private/business call summary, call types summary
  • extensions can be organized in a 4 level hierarchical structure, lines and account codes in 2 level structure
  • when calculating call statistics calls can be filtered according to: called number, called place, call duration (from-to), call fee, call tag in special numbers database, call type (incoming/outgoing, transferred/direct, not answered) in addition to selected extensions/groups of extensions, line,account
  • output report export (formats : text, CSV, HTML, DBF, MS Excel), Windows clipboard
  • automatic invoice generation
  • easy graphic presentation of results (various types of 3D graphs)
  • output results presented in tables can be easily sorted according to selected column, finding of any text is possible too
  • easy program control using Control panel (can be modified by user), Speed buttons panel and menu
  • support of call rating programs of alternative operators
  • PABX Least Cost Routing (LCR) support
  • new call operators call rating programs can be imported from TTR files distributed regularly by ATECO or can be edited by user
  • new operators can be created by a user
  • possibility to repeat last commands (Command history)
  • possibility to compare call rates using alternate call operators
  • possibility to define output reports that should be carried out regularly (e.g. monthly invoice printing). These reports can be carried out without any operator intervention, the output can be printed, exported to a file, or sent by e-mail
  • address maintenance system can maintain customer address system that can be used especially in automatic report generation. Output reports can be customised (header contents, paging.).
  • automatic regular program parameters backup
  • automatic data files backup
  • PABX data download: serial transmission (COM port), TCP/IP protocol, FTP protocol, support of COM/TCP convertors
  • possibility to follow ended calls in real time and to print call receipts
  • possibility to check correct data download using the Supervisor module (error message can be sent by e-mail or SMS)


WINTEL output

All the processed information can be easily printed as a simple bill or a tax invoice. The tax invoice fully conforms to the law on Value Added Tax. The holder of the lease can be also billed on the same invoice for further additional services, such as the programming of telephones, the relocation of an extension, etc. This means that all the expenses incurred by the customer may be registered easily and clearly.

All the text outcomes can be exported from the program for further use in the company‘ s other information systems. It is possible to export the outcomes as text. It is also possible to define the dividers of items or export the data directly into Excel. The whole set-up can be exported into DBF files as well.

It is also possible to make clear graphs from the text data. Graphic output of the processed data can be obtained in the form of circular graphs, bar graphs or line graphs. These include the outcomes of extensions, lines and groups as well as the load of the exchange.

Extensions to the Program

The network modem variant
The network modem variant makes it possible to process data from several exchanges simultaneously. A modem calls distant exchanges from the central computer collects data from them and processes them on the central PC. The modem variant is designed for distance processing of telecommunications tariff data. It is suitable for businesses, which have several branch offices at separate locations but constitute a single accounting entity.

The net LAN variant
The net LAN variant makes it possible to gain multiple access to processed data drown from several computers of a single LAN/WAN local network. The LAN variant is designed for those businesses which hire offices in a single building (one LAN/WAN) whose owner allows the users of the rented property access to their telephone data, or for companies in which all heads of departments wish to have access to their telephone accounts.

The Hotel variant
The hotel variant makes it possible in a simplified way to register the dates and times of arrivals and departures of guests, which makes it possible for the receptionist to deal with the program quickly when issuing the guest his/her telephone bill. This variant makes it possible for the user to set a credit level for each hotel branch. Once the credit level is exceeded the costs in the account are highlighted. This variant is designed for small hotels and boarding houses.

The consultation variant
This variant makes it possible for the users to set an additional consultation fee, for instance 500 Czech crowns per hour, to be added to the incoming or outgoing telephone costs. Such figures may then be used as a basis for the invoicing of additional costs to individual clients. This variant is designed for legal and consultation firms.

The attendance variant
This variant makes it possible for the branch telephone exchange to be used as equipment for checking attendance, without the use of any additional equipment or tools. All employees have their own personal PIN numbers and they key it in whenever they leave the office using any telephone on the premises, giving also the reasons why they are leaving (visiting the doctor, going on a business trip, etc.) The program will process this data and produce a monthly evaluation.

The WEB server variant
Shows WINTEL report output in Internet explorers. WEB server application runs in a server using Windows NT/2000 and MS Internet server. WEB server application is designed for users requiring remote access to data from many (distant) places. It is not necessary to install WINTEL program on each computer from which you want to view WINTEL data.

The SQL database variant
WINTEL output data can be regularly exported to SQL database, so WINTEL data can be directly shared by other company information applications using the common SQL server.

Multilingual variant
Makes possible to select language version of the program without the need to reinstall program. Czech, Slovak, and English versions are available up to date.

Incoming calls analysis
Analysis of incoming calls according to call duration, ring time, day distribution, region distribution.

The manufacturers of the exchanges

The program is compatible for most telephone exchanges, available on the Czech market, for instance made by manufacturers like Alcatel, Alphatel, AT&T (Lucent Technologies), Bosch Telecom, DeTeWe, Ericsson, Goldstar, Interconect, Kapsch, Matra, Mitel, Nitsuko, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Tesla, 2N etc.

Hardware requirements

To be able to use the WINTEL processing programm of telephone costs you need to have the following hardware and software: PC Pentium 200 and higher, HDD 500 MB, RAM at least 16 MB, VGA adapter, one free serial port (independent IRQ). the computer must be able to run Windows : WIN 95, Win 98, WIN NT, WIN 2000 (also older versions such as Windows 3.11)


WINKAB – Local Cable network CAD

The WINKAB program can be used to manage data describing telecommunication (or other) cable network. Program database comprises complete cable way from its beginning in a telephone exchange through cables to a phone plug.


Areas of usage

The WINKAB program is designed for all users of cable network. It helps in making any maintenance and extensions in the cable network. Program can be currently used by several users sharing the same database in a LAN. Program has many functions that help the user to define a cable network what can be useful when projecting a new network.

WINKAB basic features

complete connection description
usage of cable heads
alternate path finding
measurement protocols included in database
export to MS Excel

Dealers‘ references

Nicotes s.r.o., Praha

References of final customers

Kaucuk Kralupy, a.s.
Sokolovská uhelná, a.s.
Spojplus s.r.o., Sokolov


WINACD – Automatic Call Distribution

WINACD program is designed for data processing of automatic call distribution center data. I can process and statistically evaluate ACD center output data. Program shows the activity of call agents and queues in a selected period. All output reports can be printed in a table form or converted to graphs.


Areas of usage

Program id designed for call centers administrators. It can be helpful in call center optimalisation, e.g. to find out necessary number of agents, optimal load in groups, in following number of lost calls, etc..

Dealers‘ references

  • Nicotes s.r.o., Praha

References of final customers

  • KLM s.r.o., Praha
  • IMP a.s., Praha
  • IMP Ltd., Budapešt


WINPDU – EuroTel Detailed Account

EuroTel Detailed Elektronic Account service evaluation program WINPDU is designed to statistically evaluate and analyse call records in the cellular network EuroTel. Call records can be obtained using the EuroTel Prague Ltd PDU service program.


Areas of usage

Program is designed to help companies that use a greater number of cellular telephones EuroTel and that want to control call costs or want to analyse calls.

WINPDU basic features

Program can process large amounts of data and present them in a user friendly form.

easy data import from PDU data server
detailed and summary output
possibility to define hierarchical telephone structure
complex selection of evaluation period
symbolic names of telephone numbers
extreme analysis (often called numbers, most costly calls)
trend analysys
complex call filtration
data export in many formats incl. MS Excel
graphic output

WINPDU distribution

The EuroTel WinPDU program was developed for the EuroTel Prague, Ltd. company that is the exclusive distributor of this program. The program is free for EuroTel PDU service users after registration at http://mojeo2.cz.