Program for accounting and evaluation of telephone PBAX calls. It enables calls nad PABX traffic analyzing under various filter criterions. Right calls analyzing can lead to traffic cost optimalization.

    WINKAB program can be used to manage data describing telecommunication (or other) cable network. Program database comprises the complete cable way from its beginning in a telephone exchange through cables to a phone plug or patch pannel.

    WINACD program is designed for data processing of automatic call distribution centre data. It can process and statistically evaluate ACD centre output data.

    O2 detailed elektronic account evaluation program WINPEU is designed to statistically evaluate and analyze call records in the cellular network O2 Telefonica.

About us

sispoATECO Ltd. was founded in 1992 and it deals from its beginnings with telecommunications software development. The most important software product is WINTEL – PABX telephone traffic evaluation program. WINTEL is offered for most PABX types available in the Czech Republic. At the beginning it was a simple DOS program for simple statistics of PABX traffic. Now WINTEL is a sophisticated tool not only for telecommunication cost analysis in a complicated telecommunication market with number of alternate operators with various call rating methods, GSM gates, remote access, but it can be used to maintain and diagnose PABX and even to analyse incoming calls by means calling number identification (ISDN).
All ATECO products are designed to run under MS Windows NT because reliability and security are crucial for all our applications.

ATECO software is developed using products DELPHI Borland Inprise Inc., USA (Borland Inc., USA). ATECO offers a wide technical support for all its products– hot line (telephone, e-mail) or we can even help you to solve problems in your place.

The residence of ATECO company since 12/1998 has been in Prague 8, Kobylisy.
The gross product and income of ATECO has been rising since its foundation in 1992 and reach 20% increase every year. ATECO sells its products in the Czech market to important international telecommunication systems producers e.g. Siemens Ltd., Lucent Technologies Ltd., Kapsch Telecom Ltd., Bosch telecom Ltd., Alcatel Czech Ltd.